Following a dream

» Andrea Meszaros[BA Hons. History 2007]

Andrea Meszaros’ [BA Hons. History 2007] grandparents were Hungarian refugees who arrived in Canada in 1956. Ever since she understood their story, Andrea has had a heart for Hungary and a dream to help its people. After graduation, Andrea accepted a job as a librarian at the International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB), where she is now realizing her dream.

Andrea met Zsuzi, a shy and sensitive girl, at story time in the library. Zsuzi’s parents were going to send her to a public Hungarian school, but after they saw how she developed in kindergarten in ICSB, they decided it was the best place for her. Zsuzi’s mother told Andrea, “She is such a sensitive child, if she went to the Hungarian school and was hurt there, we could not undo it. The school is so different from Hungarian schools. You can tell that the staff really love the students.”

Before the Second World War most Hungarian Schools had been a part of the Church but now are state-run. Andrea is one of the young Christians who are rising to the challenge to provide quality education and a place where students can grow academically and spiritually.